Sunday, March 20

Riverchase Estates / Tradeshow Display Design

Catawba, NC
redGiant has handled every piece of design work for Riverchase Estates since the community broke ground - from the logo & website design to mailers and marketing collateral, we've provided everything they need. When they approached us to design a 10' tradeshow display for a homeshow in Charlotte we jumped at the opportunity. redGiant Creative specializes in sales center display design and tradeshow display designs and this project turned out exactly as the client envisioned it would - with spectacular results! Riverchase Estates had the most professional looking booth at the entire event. View more tradeshow display designs at

redGiant creative / Website Design

Albuquerque, NM
It's only about once every 3 years that we redesign our own website. The latest and greatest redGiant website utilizes an html5 bootstrap framework for a seamlessly responsive look and feel across all browsers, operating systems and devices such as smartphones and tablets. Check out the new website as well as a variety of other client website development projects at

Friday, March 27

Virtual Auditor / Tradeshow Display Design

(Undisclosed Location)
Doesn't every institution want a virtual information security officer? You bet they do, and hospitals nationwide are scrambling to buy VA appliances! Virtual Auditor had an immediate need for a tradeshow display design with a short turn around time, and redGiant delivered on the goods. Since we can't really disclose much more than what you see in the display for security reasons, we suggest checking out the website we designed for them for more information. View more tradeshow display designs at

Friday, August 16

The Villas at Cimarron Hills / Digital Animated Sales Center Displays

Austin, TX
This highly successful custom home builder in Austin needed displays designed for their new sales center. Instead of taking the traditional approach of fabricating, delivering and installing physical displays, we instead went 100% digital! We used seven 52" flat screens mounted vertically on the wall which allowed us more flexibility in the actual display designs and--as an added bonus--allowed us to animate them. In fact, this approach cost the client less than half of what a traditional sales center installation would. This is a work in progress, we'll post video of the animations soon. You can visit Cimarron Hills website here and see more display design at

Sunday, November 4

Apex CAES / Tri-fold Brochure Design

Houston, TX
This inventive green energy technology startup needed a new tri-fold brochure design to help promote their technology to potential investors at tradeshows and conferences. Along with a complimentary poster we created, this brochure became a very successful piece of marketing collateral for Apex CAES. You can check out their website here and see more print media design at

Opus Homes Texas / Website Design

Austin, TX
When this fledgling home builder in Austin, Texas approached us to develop a website for them, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to put them on the map. Austin is a highly competitive market for home builders, so we produced a very unique look & feel that provided the functionality they required while doing it all in style. Visit the Opus Homes website here, and see more website design at

Monday, April 9

Spring Creek / Display Booth Design

Zion Crossroads, WV
West Virginia's premier golf & acreage community had the opportunity to occupy a display booth in the local county visitor center. We created a display that kept in line with the look and feel of their display ads and mailers, along with the addition of some golf memorabilia to tie it all together. See more display design at